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Traducta international

Article 1 – Object

The placing of an order for any service with Traducta International entails the acceptance of the general terms and conditions below, notwithstanding any different or contradictory general terms and conditions of the client company, which the latter hereby undertakes expressly and unreservedly to renounce.

Article 2 – Provision of services and prices

The services of Traducta International include translation, interpretation and proofreading. The prices applied are those in force on the day the order is placed. Prices for services which have been the subject of a prior quotation will remain valid for fifteen days unless special conditions have been agreed under an “ACT” (“Framework Translation Agreement”).

Prices are calculated per hour for interpreting and per French word for translation. A theoretical expansion/contraction factor is applied to texts whose source language is a foreign language.

The basic rates may be increased for reasons of technicality or urgency or, on the contrary, be reduced for reasons of volume or regularity of work.

Article 3 – Guarantees

The work carried out by Traducta International is done in good faith and in accordance with the principles of good professional practice. It is done by professionals working into their mother tongue.

In accordance with professional ethics, Traducta International undertakes to treat the content of the documents entrusted to it with absolute

confidentiality. The obligation of secrecy subsists even after the expiry of the translation, interpretation or proofreading contract.

Article 4 – Delivery times

Traducta International takes all possible steps to deliver on the date indicated in the quotation.

It is, however, expressly stipulated that the delivery date is given for guidance only – unless formally agreed otherwise by the parties.

In the latter case, may not be regarded as late delivery any delay due to a case of force majeure, such as any unforeseeable event (fire, strike…) or fortuitous event due to an operational, technical or administrative difficulty (electronic mail, etc…).

On no account may a delay justify the cancellation of the order or give rise to damages, whatever the cause, duration or prejudice incurred by the client company.

Article 5 – Liability

Traducta International accepts no liability in the event of translation errors due to the communication of incomplete or erroneous information in the original documents submitted by the client, in particular when the latter are handwritten.

Documents and translations travel at the client’s own risk, whatever the method of delivery.

The liability of Traducta International is limited to the amount of the corresponding invoice.

Article 6 – Terms of payment

Our invoices are payable on receipt or at the latest within sixty (60) days at our Head Office, by cheque made out to Traducta International or by bank transfer to the CCM LA SOUFFEL, account no. 00020260701– unless stipulated otherwise by the client. Any late payment shall lead as of right to the payment of interest at the legal rate. In the event of a late payment, outstanding orders may be suspended or cancelled without prejudice to any other rights or remedies. For some work, Traducta International reserves the right to demand the payment of an advance to be deducted from the total of the final invoice. The execution of the order will be suspended until payment of the advance. If the advance payment is not made, the order will be considered cancelled by Traducta International.

Article 7 – Cancellation of the order

All quotations accepted are payable in full.

Article 8 – Disputes

In the event of any disagreement regarding the choice of terms or expressions, please contact us before making any modifications. Our translators are willing to examine all your suggestions or any objections you may have.

Any dispute, whether concerning these terms and conditions or the quality or the delivery of the work ordered is admissible only within a period of eight (8) days following the delivery of the order, the date of its departure from our offices being the only date taken into consideration. After that date, the work is deemed to have been accepted and no claims may be accepted, whatever the reason.

Article 9 – Jurisdiction

In the event of any dispute arising concerning the interpretation or execution of any one of the clauses of these general terms and conditions, the Commercial Court of Strasbourg shall have sole jurisdiction to hear the dispute, notwithstanding plurality of defendants and introduction of third parties.

Last update: 3 September 2018