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Because every company has its own way of working, Traducta International® strives to adapt to yours. Whatever the format of the files you want to translate, we can deliver files in the same format (apart from not non-editable files such as scanned documents).

With this service, Traducta International® aims to provide you with a turnkey solution as part of our all-round support, which consists of optimising costs, ensuring the terminological consistency of your materials, scheduling work to meet your timing requirements, but also saving you time and money!


We work with the internet and the following software:

  • List of source software with identical page layout included in the translation price:
    – Microsoft Windows Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, …
    – Open Office,
    – Acrobat Reader,
    – In Design,
    – Adobe Illustrator, …
  • Not forgetting the possibility of translating directly through the back office for your website and online content, etc.
  • Other processes can be envisaged on request.